Multi-Tech Services Ltd. – Ghana & West Africa’s Leader for Technical Sales &Service to the Mining, Construction, Transport, & Industrial Sectors

Established more than 20 years ago, Multi-Tech has become one ofthe most highly-respected provider in Ghana of supplies and technical services to the mining and industrial sectors. They distribute and service the products of only high-end, top-quality manufacturers and suppliers including Volvo, Voith, FLS Krebs, Knelson Concentrators and more with a focus to represent “blue-chip” companies only. They expanded beyond Ghana and have for years serviced greater West Africa with offices strategically placed throughout the region.

They are quite accustomed to working with Chinese companies across West Africa and have China Electricity & Water, China Railways Construction, Ghana Bauxite (Bosai Minerals), China Henan International Cooperation Group, and China Chongqing International Construction Corporation and more as clients.
Multi-Tech’s Executive Director Mr. Massimino points out the group’s focus, “From the beginning we have focused on carrying superior products for this challenging environment and providing the top level service that customers of premium products demand. We don’t sell cheap or inferior quality products, or give inferior services”

Their presence consists of two main divisions, Mining and Industrial Division, providing supplies and services to the mining and industrial sectors engaged in mineral processing, mining, pumps, material handling, oil and gas and associated categories. The Plant and Equipment division is responsible for the top world-class Volvo Trucks and Volvo Construction Equipment including SLDG LingGong Equipment. Multi-Tech look to increase their portfolio with some select top quality Chinese products.

One of the company’s strongest advantages comes from its Ghanaian base and headquarters. As West Africa’s safest, more developed, and longest-running stable countries it has become not only the choice country for doing business and many mining activities, but also a critical hub for the region. Many mining, construction, and industrial companies use the country and its ports for their regional center and support their operations in the region from there. So, Multi-Tech has been able to grow in the same direction as their clients.

Why choose Ghana as a base amongst other choices in West Africa? Massimino answers the question easily, “Ghana became the center long ago, from when it had a stable government and investment policies which were attractive and unique in the region. This brought in companies twenty, twenty five years ago such as mining companies, engineering companies, services and supporters companies, road constructors, mining contractors and so on. Since then, the companies have all moved north, east and west into francophone countries after having started in Ghana first. Therefore Ghana has always been seen by these companies as the hub to their operations. I think that one of the main advantages Ghana has is a very highly-educated and skilled labor resource – and you will find these Ghanaians working all over Africa. A lot of companies have taken that skill with them to operate in other countries like mineral engineers, process engineers, mechanical engineers, construction engineers – they have all come from Ghana.”

Multi-Tech has grown beyond Ghana as well, following their customers into the most newly developing and remote parts of the region. Massimino: “Multi-Tech Ghana is established here as the hub for West African operations, in Ghana we employ a hundred and fifty people and we have three branches throughout the country. Multi-Tech Benin are also responsible for Togo and Niger. Multi-Tech in Liberia are looking to expand the market as we see good potential there for more Chinese products with quite a strong Chinese presence in Liberia. Multi-Tech Burkina Faso are already operating with the new mining sectors being supported by our Multi-Tech Services Mali office, both manned by our French speaking managers. We do venture into Nigeria with certain products but our main area is to the west. We cover Niger and west all the way through to Senegal, Guinea and all around the coast. We have sold into Mauritania which is still quite new but we have mineral processing equipment sold into Mauritania, therefore we support.” Multi-tech has offices in Ghana, Burkina-Faso, Benin/Togo, Liberia, Mali and Niger, he continues, “So, we are definitely covering West Africa with top brands and support.”

Overall, the challenge in Ghana and West Africa is finding the right company that will be there to offer the service and support for such serious investments in equipment. Â Multi-Tech’s has reached deep into West Africa in this regard. In addition, they have experience working with Chinese brands and companies and have an active plan to become a distributor for more Chinese brands through a new, separate affiliate company SINO Plant and Equipment Ltd.

Mr Massimino points out, “We would only consider Chinese companies that offer the highest quality products that we would rigorously test and investigate before representing. Our customers in the region know us for high-quality products and service and we will not compromise in that regard. A high-profile Chinese company could consider working with us because we know the market, we have the technical capabilities of the products and we have the reputation and respect as a well established company in the region. SINO Plant and Equip will carry the same reputation and give credibility to the Chinese products for anyone who has doubts about Chinese quality. We have a very strong brand name in Ghana and many West African countries and with our mining customers we do not want to jeopardize that. Products which are not well supported by the manufacturer or we consider an inferior quality will not be associated with our name.”

For Chinese companies operating or beginning to operate in West Africa, Multi-Tech – with their base in the region’s most welcoming country – is a clear first choice vendor, service provider and potential partner in the region.

MAXMASS : Trusted Service Provider for Mining Services in Ghana

Founded as a sister company by Multi-Tech, the premier local mining supply and technical services company detailed in the related article in this section, MAXMASS is one of the country’s fast growing, most capable and respected in mining services supporting firms in Ghana with over 100 staff and increasing.

MAXMASS specialize in contract mining and haulage, mining engineering services, mineral exploration, extraction and processing, drilling and blasting and quarry operation. Employing some of the most experienced operators, engineering personnel and specialists in the country, the company’s main competitive edge is their knowledge and reputation within the industry.

MAXMASS uses first class equipment to provide high reliability, predominately Volvo, including Volvo Excavators (up to 70 tons), Wheeled Loaders, Articulated Haulers, Backhoe Loaders, Soil Compactors, Volvo Tractor Heads and Tipper Trucks. Their already strong equipment and trucks inventory can be rapidly increased and mobilized as necessary to meet client demands.

MAXMASS is constantly active in mining support projects of many types and functions. They work on cut back and fill road construction for mine sites, including maintenance of the roads to and on the mine sites, and roads used for haulage. They conduct mine pit haulage from mine pit to stockpile. They handle ROM (run of mine) Pad Crusher loading with large wheeled loaders.

For firms needing results and momentum with great service, MAXMASS has the right backing, personnel and equipment to get the job done well.