Chinese Mining Companies

Chengtun Mining Group –

Chihong Zinc and Geranium –

  • In addition to mining Zinc and Geranium, it is also active in extracting and processing lead.

China Chunyu Group –

  • Active in gold mining.

China Coal Energy Co. –

  • The second largest coal mining state-owned enterprise in Mainland China, after China Shenhua Energy Company, and the third largest coal mining enterprise in the world.

China Gold Group –

China Hanking Holdings –

  • Focused on Iron ore

China Kingstone Mining –

  • The largest miner of marble in China.

China Metal Recycling Holdings –

  • Recycles steel and scrap metal.

China Metallurgical Group –

  • Natural resources and equipment manufacturing. It controls properties in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Papua New Guinea.

China Minmetals Corp. –

China National Gold Group Corp. –

  • Accounts for 20% of China’s total gold production, controls more than 65 mines domestically, and engages in projects in Mongolia.

China National Geological and Mining Corp. –

  • A state-owned enterprise that is active in metals production and trading.

China Nonferrous Metal Mining Group –

China Polymetallic Mining –

  • Active in discovering, mining and processing of non-ferrous polymetallic mineral resources.

China Railway Materials –

  • Active in the import and export iron ore and coal. It is also highly involved in the steel trade.

China Shenhua Energy –

  • The world’s largest coal miner. It is active in the production and sale of coal and the generation and sale of electric power in China. In addition to operating coal mines, it runs an integrated railway network and a seaport that are primarily used to transport its production. It also operates power plants, which generate coal-based power.

China Zhongwang –

  • Aluminum Processing

Chinalco –

CITC Resources –

  • Focused on coal, aluminum, and manganese.

Daye Nonferrous –

Dingsheng Minerals –

  • It is primarily active in the production of molybdenum.

Fosun Group –

  • A major conglomerate with investments in Nanjing Steel United, Jianlong Group, Ningbo Iron and Steel Company, Hainan Mining United, and Zhaojin Mining

Guangxi Dibo –

  • Primarily focused on gold production

Hanlong Group –

  • A major conglomerate that is active in mineral exploration domestically. It also controls an interest in Molly Mines and U.S. General Molly.

Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Group –

Henan Yuguang Zinc Industry –

Hunan Nonferrous Metals Holding Group –

  • Minmetals owns a major stake in this company.

Hunan Shuikoushan Nonferrous Metals Group –

Jiangxi Copper –

  • A state-owned company that is China’s biggest copper producer

Jinchuan Group –

  • Active in the production of nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, palladium, gold, silver and selenium.

Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group –

Jiyuan Iron & Steel –

  • A state-owned company in Henan Province.

Jiyuanshi Wanyang Zhiduan Group –

Lingbao Gold Group –

  • One of the leading integrated gold mining companies in China. It is principally engaged in gold mining and smelting.

Matrass Mining Group –

  • It controls two gold projects and one aluminum project in Kyrgyzstan.

MCC Huludao Nonferrous Metals Group –

Minmetals Development –

  • A distributor of steel and supplier of metallurgical raw materials. It also provides services processing products, as well as other services, to steel manufacturers and terminal users. It is also involved in trading at home and abroad, smelting, and processing.

Nanchuan/Bosai –

  • Focused on mining and processing bauxite

Northern Shaanxi Mining- Coal –

Northwest Mining and Geological Group –

  • Active in gold, lead, zinc, and copper

Sanmenxia shi Dijiu Mining –

Shandong Gold Group –

  • Active in the mining and production of gold at all stages

Shanghai Sundee Holding. –

  • A holding company with investments in Yan Jiaqu Coal Co. in Inner Mongolia, Jin Rong Coal Sales Co. in Shanghai, Ge Xin Mining Co., Ltd. in Xinjiang, Kunlun Gold Mine Co. in Xinshao, and, Jin Tu Di Gold Mine Co. in Hunan.

Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group –

  • A major transporter of coal whose subsidiary, Shuozhou, has a more informative website –

Shanxi Nonferrous Metals Holding Group –

  • A major holding group who controls 35 including: BaoTi Group Ltd., Shaanxi Tongchuan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Hanzhong Bayi Zinc Industry Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Lead Copper & Mining Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Nonferrous Mine Company, Shaanxi Yinmusi Mining Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Silver Mine, Shaanxi Fengxian County Sifang Gold Mine Company, Shaanxi Zinc Industry Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Jianchaling Nickel Industry Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Huashan Semiconductor Material Co., Ltd., China National Non-ferrous Metals Imp. & Exp. Shaanxi Corporation, Xian Supplying & Transportation Company of China Non-ferrous Metal Industry, Xian Sub-company of China National Non-ferrous Metal Industry, Shaanxi Tianhong Silicon Material Co., Ltd., Hanzhong Tianhongji Mining Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Youser Yulin Coal Industry Co., Ltd., Hehe City Senxin Mining Development Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Metallurgy and Mine Company.

Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Company –

Tongling Nonferrous Group Holding –

  • A state-owned enterprise active in extracting copper resources and smelting copper and other non-ferrous metals.

Western Mining Co. –

  • Active in the mining, smelting, and trading of alloy and metal minerals, including copper, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, gold, silver, and aluminum.

Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Industry Group –

Xinjiang Xinxin Mining –

Yankuang Group –

  • A state-owned enterprise focused on coal

Yongfeng Mining Group –

Yunnan Copper –

  • A state-owned Enterprise that is China’s third largest copper producer. Its products include copper cathode, sulfuric acid, copper rod, bare copper wire, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, selenium, tellurium, bismuth, copper sulfate and nickel sulfate.

Yuannan Tin –

  • A state-owned Enterprise that is the world’s second largest tin producer. It controls the subsidiaries Yunnan Tin Company Limited and Sino-Platinum Metals Company Limited.

Zhaojin Mining Industry –

  • Active in gold mining

Zhongxin Mining –

  • Active in gold, silver and lead

Zijin –

  • Active in copper, gold, and nonferrous

Lists of additional companies: